Retaining Washers

Retaining washers, also known as retention washers or retaining rings, are fasteners that hold assemblies in place.

These rings are flexible enough to give when they are installed or intentionally removed, but they’re also sturdy enough to maintain their shape and secure other pieces of a configuration while still gripping the screw. Because of this, they are simple to install and may themselves simplify other parts of installation.

For instance, in the automotive industry, it’s common to work with upright screws. Retaining washers are preferred for this scenario because they remain affixed as they’re screwed in.

Due to these properties, retaining washers can perform a vast array of tasks ranging from the very simple, such as those of the basic screw and washer, to the more complex, like what wire guides and quarter-turn fastener assemblies do.

New Process Fibre offers a wide range of washers, including retaining washers, suitable for many different uses.

Types of Retaining Washers

Retaining washers can be either internal or external depending on whether the protrusions are in the center of the washer or if they instead protrude outward from the washer.

The shape of the inside diameter of self-retaining washers allows it to slide into place but also stay affixed to the screw or bolt once it’s properly positioned. The exact shape allowing this can vary depending on the specific use for the washer.

Interior self-retaining washers can also have one or more additional holes stamped within the ring. These extra holes are useful when an assembly requires a component, such as a wire, chain, or cord, to run through the washer.

Materials and Finishes

Retaining washers can be made from any number of materials and can be treated with a similar array of finishes. Common choices for the washers include aluminum, brass, or steel, while some potential finishes include cadmium, tin, silver, nickel, and zinc.

New Process Fibre specializes in washers made from nonmetallic materials, including nylon, acetal, or vulcanized fiber. These premium quality materials offer the strength and resilience of metallic washers, but they also weigh less.

New Process Fibre’s Self-Retaining Washers

At New Process Fibre, we’ve worked with a diverse range of clients to create custom retaining washers suited to their needs. We stamp our retaining washers flat with protrusions on the interior, allowing for the washer to more easily grip the shaft. Our design prevents the washer from slipping once it’s installed. We can stamp the interior diameter in a standard triangle or star shape, or we can work with you to find a more appropriate shape. We can also stamp hex IDs or slit IDs with a bit more give as we accommodate your specific application.

Another option we offer involves preassembled kits tailored to your individual assembly. Many customers choose this option as it reduces costs and simplifies installation.

Request Your Retention Washer Quote

Retaining washers are an essential part of many assemblies, and they greatly benefit many more. No matter the application, New Process Fibre is perfectly equipped to accommodate your needs. Our state-of-the-art tooling includes more than 75 punch presses and more than 8,000 compound washer dies. In combination with our vast assortment of nonmetallic material offerings, this equipment allows us to offer personalized solutions with a turnaround that fits your schedule.

For more information about how nonmetallic washers can fit into your assembly, request your quote now, or give us a call directly at 800-497-4520.

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