General Information On Nylon Spacers & Washers

One of the most commonly used hardware products is a washer. Washers can be used with various applications including electrical, thermal, chemical and commercial processes.

Because of their versatile capabilities, washers can be made with different materials based on the intended use. Washers can be made of aluminum, bronze, brass, copper, fiber and a variety of other materials. In particular, nylon washers are crafted with a range of desirable properties and capabilities.

Washers have a centrally located hole that allows a fastener to be easily placed into the washer. They are designed to evenly distribute the pressure of a nut or bolt over a surface.

They are also used to protect the surface from damage by offering space between the surface and fastener.  Washers are used to securely fasten a nut or bolt to a surface to prevent loosening under vibratory environments.

They are also used to smooth out uneven surfaces before a fastener is inserted into the surface. This ensures that the surface is effectively evened out for a secure fastening.

Whether acting as a spacer or lock, washers are used for durable fastener functionality. Some of the most often used washers include split, lock, flat, plain, fender and wave washers.

Nylon is a material that can be utilized in many different applications such as food processing and chemical industries. Nylon is fabric that is utilized in several everyday objects such as stockings, ropes, umbrellas and other textiles.

However, nylon can also be used for hardware purposes. This material is non-corrosive, anti-magnetic and resistant to vibration and friction.

Nylon is also a non-flammable material that is non-toxic as well as weather resistant. Because of these properties, nylon is often used as a material for washers.

Nylon washers are a lightweight alternative to standard metallic washers. These washers provide excellent insulation properties that are ideal for electrical applications.

Nylon washers can also be used in chemical industries because of their high resistance to harsh corrosive substances.  Because the functionality of nylon includes anti-friction capabilities, it is the ideal material for washers that are used for fasteners.

Nylon washers can be designed in various sizes and thicknesses, depending on the intended use or application.

The versatile functionality of washers allows for utilization in a range of applications. The standard design of washers can act as either a spacer or a lock for a variety of fasteners including nuts and bolts.

By offering space between the surface and fastener, washers can help protect surfaces from pressure and damage. Washers are also crafted to keep the fastener tightly attached to a surface.

Washers are also designed to even out an uneven surface so that the fastener can be securely attached to the surface. Washers, combined with nylon, offer a non-corrosive and weather resistant washer that can provide durable functionality.

Nylon washers are commonly used for chemical and electrical industries because of their resistant and insulation properties.  Because of their anti-frictional and bearing capabilities, nylon is the ideal material for the creation of washers.

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