Plastic Sheets & Rolls

Plastic sheets and rolls are essential materials in markets such as transportation, aviation, machinery and equipment, lighting, recreation, marine construction, and others. At New Process Fibre, we are a major supplier of plastic sheets and rolls, offering a comprehensive selection of extruded thermoplastic sheet materials. Our specialty equipment cuts rolls of plastic exactly to your shape and size dimensions. Learn more about each type of plastic sheet and roll option and our industrial fabrication capabilities.

Fabrication Capabilities for Industrial Applications

At New Process Fibre, ongoing daily production, combined with warehousing extensive standard stock levels, ensures ample material supply is always available for our in-house parts production and outbound bulk shipments of high quality thermoplastic sheets, strips, rolls, and coils. We use materials such as: 

  • High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE)
  • Nylon 6 & 6/6
  • Standard and Flame Retardant Polypropylene
  • Acetal Copolymer
  • MDS and Filled Nylon
  • Delrin Homopolymer 
  • Polypropylene Copolymer and Homopolymer
  • And more!

Sheet thicknesses range from 0.010” to 0.250”, and widths range between 0.5” to 38” untrimmed. All of our materials can be UV stabilized, and their tolerances are as quoted or as specified by the customer. Our prices are very affordable for low-volume orders, and we offer special discounts for larger orders.

Plastic Roll & Sheet Options

To satisfy our clients’ custom needs, we provide a variety of materials in plastic sheet rolls.

Acetal Copolymer Sheets & Rolls

Acetal copolymer is a synthetic polymer material with great strength, stiffness, dimensional stability, and machinability. It has a low coefficient of friction and good wear characteristics as a semi-crystalline substance. Acetal is widely used as a weight-saving metal substitute due to its excellent modulus, strength, and resistance to fatigue and impact. The material complies with FDA and NSF standards for food processing applications.

Delrin® Homopolymer Sheets & Rolls

Delrin® is an acetal homopolymer with a homogeneous backbone and a larger crystalline structure than acetal copolymers, so Delrin® offers stronger chemical bonding. Patented by DuPont, Delrin® is a robust, lightweight, and resilient acetal polymer with low friction, wear, noise, and moisture pickup properties. It is the strongest and most powerful unreinforced engineering polymer on the market, making it ideal for washer manufacturing.

Nylon Sheets & Rolls: Nylon 6

Nylon 6 is the basic material upon which Nylon MDS (molybdenum disulfide) and Nylon 6/6 are built. Nylon plastic sheets are durable thermoplastics with exceptional impact, tensile, and bending strength from freezing to 300 °F.

Nylon Sheets & Rolls: Nylon 6/6 and MDS

Nylon 6/6 has a stronger molecular structure than Nylon 6, lending the material greater stiffness, tensile strength, and dimensional stability.

Nylon MDS is Nylon 6/6 with particles of molybdenum disulfide in it, which gives it greater load-bearing capacity and self-lubrication in addition to the basic features of Nylon 6 and 6/6 described above. Its low-friction characteristics and outstanding electrical resistance make nylon rolls ideal for washer manufacturing, specifically for the plumbing, marine, construction, automotive, and aerospace industries.

High-Density Polyethylene Sheets & Rolls

HDPE is a thermoplastic polymer that has a high strength-to-density ratio. It is highly chemically resistant and corrosion resistant, even in the presence of saltwater. For this reason, HDPE is ideal for a variety of commercial, industrial, residential, and marine projects. 

Low-Density Polyethylene Sheets & Rolls

LDPE is a corrosion-resistant extruded thermoplastic made of branched polyethylene produced at extremely high pressures. LDPE sheets are flexible, easy to clean, odorless, and low-cost, which is why they are often used in food packaging and for labeling purposes.

Polypropylene and Fire Retardant Polypropylene Sheets & Rolls

Polypropylene (PP) is a crystalline thermoplastic consisting of a polypropylene monomer mix. It is a low-cost substitute for HDPE and LDPE materials, with an excellent combination of stiffness, impact resistance, and flexibility. PP is used in various applications in the automotive, medical, textile, and industrial markets.

Plastic Sheets & Rolls From New Process Fibre

With nearly a century of experience, New Process Fibre serves a global customer base with non-metallic stamping and extrusion services. Our family-owned company is dedicated to supplying high-quality plastic sheets and rolls at a great value. We can customize them in various colors and thicknesses to fulfill your application requirements.

Browse our product catalog of plastic sheets and rolls to learn more. Contact New Process Fibre today to learn more about our capabilities, or request a quote for your non-metallic material needs.

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