PTFE Washers and Spacers for Wear Resistance

New Process Fibre PTFE Washers and Spacers are strong candidates for your wear resistant fastener applications because they have excellent chemical and thermal properties.  PTFE Washers and Spacers exhibit:

· Excellent dielectric properties

· Good dimensional stability

· High compressibility, high creep resistance, and low thermal conductivity

· High melt temperature

· Inert to most chemicals

· Low abrasion and wear resistance

Because New Process PTFE Washers are non-reactive, there are no corrosion byproducts to contaminate processes. PTFE is extremely pure, and it resists sorption of chemicals.

Our PTFE components provide smooth non-wetting hydrophobic surfaces that resist biofilm buildup, and can be used with the strongest cleaning solutions and steam-in-place processes. Surfaces of PTFE are easy to clean, and because they resist buildup of process materials, it may be possible to extend intervals between cleanings.


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