New Process Fibre’s Self Retaining Washers

Self Retaining WashersAt New Process Fibre we have extensive experience with stamping a variety of washers to meet the needs of our customers in a variety of applications. One particular specialty is our self retaining washers, which we stamp flat with protrusions coming out of the inside diameter to easily grip the screw. This ensures that once the washer is placed on the bolt or screw it will not fall back off. This is especially important in industries, such as the automotive sector that works with the screws upright and wants to make sure the washer stays affixed as it is screwed in.

Typically, we stamp these tabs with triangles or stars, but we can accommodate other designs as well and we can offer hex IDs as well as slit IDs that can offer a bit of give. Often we have customers that apply these self retaining washers as pre-assembled kits ready for installation in their particular application, which can help reduce costs.

At New Process Fibre we house a large selection of conventional and high-speed presses which allow us to offer quick turn around on your high or low volume order of self retaining washers. To learn more about our self retaining washers please visit our website or easily request a quote online.


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