Mylar and PTFE for Frontline Technology: Custom-Made for Aerospace/Defense

Throughout our 85 year history as a company, we’ve seen considerable experience in extruding, slitting, shearing, and stamping customized polymer components for some of the most sophisticated technologies the world has ever known.  More specifically, we’re talking about America’s aerospace/defense industry. With a team of experts including those with extensive background in aerospace military manufacturing, we are confident our materials can meet any defense-related order, be it bulk or prototype. Indeed, some of America’s best-known, front-line defense companies can count New Process Fibre components among the final assembly for their applications.

Our mastery in working with both Mylar and PTFE materials can readily be applied to AS9100 certified aerospace components and assemblies. With a melting point of 327⁰ C and flexible elongation of up to 300% its standard length and/or width, PTFE is one of the primary materials used in seals and bearings for aircraft, as well as a superior insulator for the inevitable cables and complex circuit boards that any modern-day defense application is pocketed with.  Likewise, Mylar has the advantage of being able to effectively insulate and shield electronic circuitry from overheating or unnecessary exposure, making it an ideal tool for washers (and the like) on aerospace and missile systems.

We’re proud of our strong record in the defense industry, and we’re always willing to prove our mettle as one of America’s finest, most reliable source of PTFE and Mylar. When duty calls, New Process soars to the challenge. Contact us today to let us know your specific aerospace/defense needs.


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