Looking Forward to Seeing You at This Year’s POWER-GEN in Orlando!

What is it with Orlando, Florida and cutting-edge technological conventions? Hey, it isn’t like we’re complaining. Florida in mid-December?

Sounds like a plan to us.

But in all seriousness, the POWER-GEN International Convention at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL is an event we’ve been looking forward to ever since the beginning of this year. Simply put, POWER-GEN (held from December 11 – 13) is one of the dominant conventions worldwide for companies involved in providing power generation solutions for the worldwide electrical grid. New technologies, new marketplace trends, and long-term consequential issues that stand the chance of impacting the power industry will all be on the table and up for discussion. We look forward to taking notes (and presenting our own findings) during some of these talks and conferences. It’s a surefire way to ring in the New Year on a good, strong note.

That being said, we’re also looking forward to showcasing our manufacturing capabilities on the main exhibition floor itself. Among the 1,200 exhibiters expected to present their goods and services, we hope to meet up with old friends and allies, as well as forge new ties with other companies who are looking for that “extra something” to add to their service quality.

We’ll be out there in the thick of it – myself (Kevin Dempsey), Bill Rust, Denise Jefferson and Mike Kalnitzky  – all at your service. Don’t be shy, come up and see what’s new with us. We’ll be manning Booth #2783. We guarantee it’s going to be a win-win for everyone who passes our way.


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