A New Housing Boom Causes a New Power Tool Market to Buzz

The facts on the ground are hard to dispute, and in this case that’s a good thing: Fox News reports that US residential construction continues to rise after finishing off its best business year since the Housing Bubble collapse of 2008. In December alone, construction companies broke ground on approximately 954,000 houses and apartment units across the country. That’s a whopping 12% rise from the November seasonally adjusted rate, and double the rate of projects recorded in April 2009, when the economy couldn’t have been looking any worse. While it’s hardly the gung-ho, boomtown spirit of the Bush real estate economy of the mid-00s, it’s nothing to dismiss or shrug off either. Things are looking up, and things appear to be poised for even better.

That’s good news indeed for the U.S. home improvement and hand-power tools industries, according to Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies. Homeowners across America who put off their remodeling projects year after year during the course of the Great Recession now seem to be coming out of the woodwork and are busily picking up some power-tools while they’re at it. The spending rate for home improvements in December of 2012 alone stood at $145.5 billion. Considering that many of these home improvement projects are being conducted on a shoestring budget, oftentimes involving only the homeowner himself as far as a “construction crew,” there’s considerable demand for the requisite hand power tools that can up the productivity of the DIY house-fixer.

That’s where our ISO 9001:2008 certified non-metallic stamping services come into the fray. If you’re a manufacturer of hand-power tools, you can rely on our vulcanized fibre and phenolic-based materials for electronic power tools to bring home the bacon for your company. As home construction continues to improve; as both individual homeowners and construction companies flock back to the power tools section of their respective local housing materials stores, it’s up to you as a savvy entrepreneur to capture the “bull market moment” and seize what’s rightfully to be had. With decades of pro-experience in manufacturing non-metallic components of all types for power tools, contact us here at New Process Fibre today. Let’s make this happen.


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